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Project Housing First

The project addresses the housing shortage in Prague.
The project is aimed at promoting the social inclusion of excluded persons and groups through the support and development of housing-related activities. The target group is assisted in settling in, housing and together we try to strengthen competences to maintain housing.

The target group in our project are people without a flat, without a roof, in an unsuitable or insecure environment. It consists mainly of seniors, people with disabilities, families with children and single mothers.

Do you want to be included in the project? Click on the button below and fill in the form.

Are you the landlord? We are looking for apartments:

small apartments for couples and larger families
with a lease agreement according to the CC for a period of 12 months or longer
in Prague or the nearest vicinity by public transport
with civic amenities
What do we offer you in return?

Guarantee contract, i.e. guarantee of payment of rent and the condition of the apartment
settlement of minor repairs to the apartment
help with preparing the apartment for rent
support and assistance to the tenant during the lease period (both with the maintenance of the apartment and e.g. with neighbourly relations)
More information can be found on the project website

Our team

We strive to provide comprehensive and coordinated care to the client. The housing project has a multi-disciplinary team that provides certain benefits when professionals work together in the client’s care. It allows for a quicker response to the client’s situation because we do not have to refer to other institutions or specialties. Our team consists of a project manager, key workers, peer, psychologist, addiction specialist, housing specialist and debt counsellors.

Opening hours

MO     9:00-17:00
TU       9:00-17:00
WE      9:00-17:00
TH      9:00-17:00
FR       9:00-12:00

Where you can find us

Address:U Harfy 6, Prague 9
Coordination phone: 775 475 762


Train: Libeň Railway Station (from Main or Masaryk Railway Station)
Tram: 8, 25
Bus: 136, 177, 182, 183, 195

Our team

PhDr. Mgr. Jana Koláčková

project leader
777 561 957

Bc. Hana Nováková DiS.

social worker
730 517 934

Bc. Jana Rosulková

social worker
777 158 391

Pavlína Cibulová

social worker
776 869 658

Mgr. Vendula Kunová

773 648 117

Monika Gotfrídová

774 440 167

Mgr. Veronika Lejčková

608 027 406

Helena Novotná, DiS.

social worker
734 314 461

Mgr. Lucie Fedáková

social worker
774 757 914

Project goals

Ensure support for the social inclusion of people in housing need and at risk of housing need.
Provide comprehensive support to the project participants by a multidisciplinary team in accordance with the Housing First principles and the methodology of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for the prevention of housing loss.

To create an early warning system of emerging problems in households and a system of rapid intervention of social and other professional services in the cooperating municipalities,
quickly and effectively address rent arrears in order to maintain housing for households at risk,
strengthen the competences of project participants to sustain rental housing,
motivate project participants to actively address debts and foreclosures,
provide professional debt counselling,
improve the quality of life of project participants (well being),
set up cooperation with local government and support services to ensure sustainability and systemicity

Registrační číslo projektu: CZ.03.02.01/00/22_101/0001049

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