We are a registered provider of social services operating in the eastern part of Prague.
We operate the outreach program Křižovatka for adults, 3 low-threshold clubs and outreach programs Autobus, HoPo, Běcho as well as the program Housing First - Social Service Prevention of Housing Loss.

Neposeda NGO

We are the first and only technology-based social service in the country.
We develop applications in-house to maximize the efficiency and quality of our work.

Technologies for Social services

We care for homeless, socially excluded people and families who unexpectedly find themselves in need. We work with them on debt issues, communication with the authorities and personal, health and psychological problems.
We meet them on the streets, organize joint meetings and fundraisers. We help them in their efforts to integrate into society and cope with everyday situations.

Streetwork for adults

We help adolescents successfully manage the journey from childhood to adulthood. We strive to ensure that they do not behave in a risky way and see the positive and negative consequences of their behavior for themselves and for society.
We offer them leisure activities, anonymous counseling with problem solving, opportunities to make friends and get ready for adult life.

Clubs and streetwork for children and teens

We provide support to those in housing need or at risk of losing their housing. Our clients are both individuals and families.
s. We provide support at different stages, depending on the client's current needs - from help with applying for a council or municipal flat, concluding a tenancy agreement to comprehensive housing support with the aim of maintaining it permanently.

Housing First program