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The project maps the needs of low-threshold club staff working with children and young people’s mental health.

The project addresses the lack of data mapping the mental health needs of  low-threshold club workers and the lack of data mapping the mental health needs of low-threshold club clients. It also addresses the lack of a tool to collect this type of data.

About project

In recent years, we have seen a significant deterioration in the mental health of children and young people in the low-threshold club, not only among those whose families face a range of other problems, but also among children from financially well-off families. The same situation prevails in primary schools and is also reflected in the PPP and the NHRI. We see isolation during the covidien pandemic, the shift to experiencing the world mainly online, the stress of the demands of often demanding schools, and the loss of basic security brought about by the war in Ukraine and rising inflation as some of the main causes of the increase in anxiety, depression, self-harm, addiction to computer games and social networking, and eating disorders among adolescents. Clients’ personal traumas also play an important role.

Goals of the project

– To map the needs of low-threshold clubs staff in relation to the mental health of low-threshold clubs clients.
– Find and create a tool to map the mental health needs of low-threshold clubs clients.
– Identify the actual mental health needs of low-threshold clubs clients.
– Finding ways to record and work with the identified needs in the future (developing a methodology).
– To establish cooperation with local and professional actors (schools, OSPOD, NODC, PPP) who can be involved in the project during the project and who can use the project results afterwards. Be it a needs mapping tool or needs related data per se. We expect that some needs will be related to cooperation between several actors, e.g. cooperation between family, school and OSPOD.

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