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Streetwork Křižovatka

A community-based social prevention service for homeless people, seniors, families and vulnerable individuals.

We identify people at risk of social exclusion. We inform the community in the places where we work about the possibility of using our services. We provide social counselling and basic needs to these people, thus reducing the risk of crime and other socially undesirable situations.

Material outputs
Food and water.
Protective equipment.
Tents, sleeping bags.
Seasonal clothing.
Recycled electronics.
Meetings & Events
Picnics and celebrating holidays.
Sports events.
Multi-day trips.
Personal consultations.
Financial emergency
Help with rations.
Solving the housing crisis.
Communication with authorities.
Debt counselling.
Individual financing.
Treatment & Transportation
Escorts to the office.
Car rides to the doctor.
Basic treatment.
Psychological support.

Protecting people in emergencies

In times of epidemics and emergencies, our main task is to minimise the risks to individuals and thereby contribute to the protection of public health.

Providing material and food aid.
Disseminating information about the situation.
Monitoring and securing the inhabitants of socially marginalised areas.
Acute management of the financial situation resulting from the emergency.
Help with increased psychological stress.
Provision of alternative accommodation.
Isolate infectious persons and provide for their needs.

Professionalism & Quality

We are constantly working on the development of our services. Křižžovatka successfully passed the development audit of the Czech Streetwork Association in October 2018 (98%):
“We evaluated a well-working facility, which is specific in the context of social services in the Czech Republic because of its emphasis on the community model of work – it is a model that is established abroad, but in the Czech context it is a new and in some ways innovative model. The programme was built from the bottom up based on the needs of the community.”

The service was awarded the 2013 Annual Award of the Czech Streetwork Association:
“What is valuable about the way the programme works is that it primarily focuses on locality – working in the community rather than on individual target groups. Thus, workers provide outreach social services to all those who are at risk of social exclusion.”

Hours of operation

Monday 9:00 – 17:00
Tuesday 9:00 – 17:00
Wednesday 9:00 – 17:00
Thursday 9:00 – 17:00

Where to find us

Address:Maňákova 743/9, Černý Most
Phone: 778 538 252

Open consultations

In the office (Maňákova 9)
Every working Wednesday from 9:00 to 12:00

Our locations

Prague 9
Prague 14
Prague 20
Prague 21

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